The weather this month has been anything but Spring-like. In fact, it was so cold recently that we saw record-breaking cold temperatures across the Northland.

Things didn't look up much this weekend as windy conditions and huge waves wreaked more havoc, especially in Duluth.

Canal Park saw a good portion of that wrath. On Saturday, the end of Canal Park Drive, near the Maritime Visitor Center, was closed. There were major flooding concerns as huge waves hit the shoreline and pushed water inland.

Pairing that incident with an impending winter storm, the City of Duluth has now issued a warning to residents. They are recommending the public avoid the Lakewalk Trail in the area because of very icy conditions until further notice.

According to the advisory, the strong winds covered the boardwalk and paved sections of the path, along with benches and large boulders, with thick ice. Gravel and debris have also been made their way on shore.

These factors, along with more snow over icy areas and another cold snap, will only make matters worse.

Their release advises pedestrians play it safe and avoid the Lakewalk and surrounding area until a later date when staff are able to clean things up and get them back to normal.

If you want your Canal Park fix, you can use one of these webcams to see the sight.

Stay safe!

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