We haven't see much of a Spring here in the Northland. In fact, we haven't seen one at all.

To add to the blow of a delayed season, this April is one of the coldest on records for the area so far. Last year, we had one of the warmest. Crazy, right?

In fact, Sunday, April 8th, was so cold in Minnesota that several spots saw record-breaking low temperatures. Duluth saw the sixth coldest temperature ever recorded for the month of April and surrounding areas broke similar records too. (For more on that, click here.)

The Old Farmer's Almanac predicted a rough start to the month with things looking up a bit after the first week or so but right now, it looks like they were off the mark. (For now, at least)

It's not all bad though. There are a few benefits to the cold overstaying its welcome. Let's look on the bright side with 5 reasons why a delayed Spring is okay for us tough cookies.

  • 1

    More Time To Get Fit

    A lot of people start the new year with a resolution of getting fit. That way they can have that 'summer body' by the time May or June rolls around. (If you're like me, you haven't stuck to that very well.) The delay in the sunshine means more time to work out before you head out to the beach.

  • 2

    More Time For Winter Activities

    The Northland is filled to the brim with amazing winter activities. In fact, we are known for them! Skiing, tubing, snow shoeing - whatever it may be. We can definitely find ways to fill the time until the sun shines again.

  • 3

    No Mosquitoes

    Enough said.

  • 4

    No Awkward Silences

    You know that feeling when you are in an elevator or a waiting room and it's awkward to sit in silence? Well, with a winter season this long, there's always something to talk about. Kiss awkward silences goodbye and say hello to some weather chat.

  • 5

    More Time To Play Catch Up

    Being stuck inside may leave you feeling restless but it could help you connect with some old friends. You're more likely to pick up the phone if you've been cooped up all day and actually talk to a pal, instead of just texting them or stalking them on social media. You can also catch up on all those projects you've put off AND watch all those shows you swore you'd get to but never did.

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