While driving on Belknap in Superior this past weekend I noticed the sign boasting homemade Root Beer at the A&W Restaurant.  They aren't kidding, it IS homemade.  I use to work at the A&W in Cloquet and we made our root beer too.  Don't believe me, here's proof.

Other than teaching swimming, A&W in Cloquet was my first job and I loved it!  Yes, I even wore the change belt (luckily they didn't know how bad at math I was, just kidding).  We had a mug washer, visits from the A&W Root Bear and all the yummy goodness you get with the Papa, Mama & Baby burgers.  One day, one of the guys I worked with asked if I wanted to go down to the basement with him and help make the root beer.  At the time I thought to myself that it was a clever "pick-up" line or he was just trying to get me in the basement only to shut off the lights, run up the stairs and lock me down there.  Being the gamblin' girl I am, I said "sure".  I'll be a monkey's uncle if we didn't actually make the root beer from scratch!  The A&W in Superior still to this day does it that way to ensure you get the best of the best.  My video below explains how.

They have been providing Superior with delicious burgers and fixin's since 1919!  Here's a bit of history about their store you'll find on the counter.

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates


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