This shouldn't be a huge shock to those living in the Northland but it looks like we are in for a snowy month of December.

The Old Farmer's Almanac released their predictions for the Northland and it looks like winter will really come at us full force, even more so than we've seen already this year! Here is a breakdown of what they are predicting for December:

  • From the first of December through the fifth, we will see mild conditions with snow coming in the form of flurries.
  • From December 6th through the 11th, we can expect snow showers and very cold temperatures.
  • Beginning on December 12th and continuing through the 24th, things will calm down once again with flurries and mild conditions.
  • From Christmas Day through the end of the year, we can expect periods of sow and cold temperatures returning once again. It looks like we will have a white Christmas, according to these predictions.

As mentioned, this forecast isn't that out of the ordinary for the month of December here. Plus, we are already used to winter after seeing a snowy and record-breaking November, which included one of the snowiest days in the history of the month.

By the way, not everyone believes in the Old Farmer's Almanac and their methodology. They make long-term weather predictions by region. Our region includes the Northland and other parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and Michigan.

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As for the National Weather Service, they recently released their winter weather outlook for the month as well. Their forecast states that we will see above-average temperatures for the month and near-normal precipitation levels.

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