Winter is officially in full swing and the season is only going to get more intense as we head into the last month of the year. So what does the last month of the year hold for us?

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The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center has that answer, releasing their December outlook for the entire country, including Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In terms of temperature, the southern portion of Minnesota will see a moderate chance of being above average, including a portion of the Northland. The entire state of Wisconsin is looking at a moderate chance for above average temperatures as well. We will definitely take it!

We don't fare as well in terms of precipitation for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Both states will see near-normal precipitation levels. You can take a closer look at the graphics below:

There you have it - it looks like it will be a pretty mild December, which is totally unexpected considering the type of year 2020 has been. Ha!

It has definitely been a record-breaking year in terms of weather, especially the past few months or so. For example, October of 2020 was one of the coldest and snowiest on record for the Duluth area. November of 2020 started with record-breaking heat for the Twin Ports for that time of year, with some spots hitting the mid to upper 70s. Shortly after that heat wave ended, we saw one of our snowiest November days ever.

See what I mean? After the roller coaster that has been the weather in the Northland the past few months, I am just fine with the National Weather Service's predictions.

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