I recently ran across a ranking of states that have the highest percentage of pickup drivers. I have to be honest, I thought Minnesota would show up higher on the list.

Maybe that's because I grew up in rural Minnesota, where pickup trucks were everywhere. In more metro areas, pickup trucks aren't as practical as a car. Have you tried getting a long box in and out of a parking ramp? Uffda.

National Average Of Pickup Driver Percentage

Iseecars.com says that nationally pickup trucks account for 16.5% of all vehicles on the road. They rank the states based on light-duty pickup trucks. They also say the amount of pickups on the roads are increasing, due to capability, versatility, and improving gas mileage. Not to mention new EV trucks like the Cyber Truck, Ford Lightning, Rivion, and even Toyota Tundra Hybrids.

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Minnesota Pickup Trucks By The Numbers

The numbers are based on the percentage of drivers who drive a pickup truck. It doesn't reflect the number of trucks sold. In some cases like in Texas, they sell more trucks than any other state but show up as number 19 on the list of 50 states.

Minnesota comes in at number 21! Over 1 in 5 vehicle owners drive a pickup truck at 20.2%.

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Wisconsin Pickup Trucks By The Numbers

Wisconsin has slightly more pickup truck drivers than Minnesota! They rank number 18, just ahead of Texas. 20.5% of drivers on the road are in pickup trucks. It's crazy to think that Wisconsin has more pickup drivers than Texas!

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Wyoming Has The Most Pickup Trucks

It's no surprise that Wyoming takes the number 1 spot. You gotta figure all those Wyoming ranchers need a vehicle they can put to work. Also with the low population density, good luck trying to find a friend who has a pickup!

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