Duluth's most famous landmark is back in action after our first major snowstorm of the season.

The Aerial Lift Bridge was temporarily out of operation after the storm because the weight of the ice was weighing it down, causing it to be stuck in a down position. Thankfully, it is now back to normal operation, according to a press release sent out by city officials Thursday morning (December 5th).

The City of Duluth had to deice the bridge and began that process earlier in the week. This caused traffic delays, as the bridge was only open for 15 minutes at a time so traffic could pass. This cycle continued until the deicing process finished.

More good news: shipping has also been reactivated, so the Duluth Shipping Canal under the Aerial Lift Bridge can be used again. When the bridge was stuck due to ice, traffic had to be rerouted to Superior temporarily, which is a trickier and more expensive route.

It looks like things are getting back to normal after Snowmaggedon! Until the next one, that is.

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