Duluth's iconic Aerial Lift Bridge has not been operating since sometime Monday morning, according to the Duluth News Tribune. The DNT learned from city officials that crews are analyzing the issue, but have not found a cause for the problem as of the early afternoon hours on Monday.

The good news for residents of Park Point is that the bridge is stuck in the down position, allowing traffic to pass over the roadway to mainland. The bad news is that shipping traffic needs to be re-routed to the Superior entry, which is shallower and presents a more difficult navigational path for ships, as explained by a representative from the Duluth Seaway Port Authority to the DNT. Also an issue is that the navigational path is longer for ships that would normally use the Duluth entry, leading to extra costs and shipping time for ships and their cargo.

There is no current timeframe on when the problem may be identified or resolved, and there is no word on whether or not any potential inspections or repairs will stop vehicular traffic over the bridge at this time. We will share more as it becomes available.

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