Six months ago I had a routine check up for my vision.  A slight problem surfaced - high eye pressure.  High eye pressure can lead to gluacoma, which can in turn lead to blindness. Naturally, my optometrist wanted to do some tests and check the progress.

I went back today for some more tests.  A little freaked out about my progress, some things over heard may have been misinterpreted.  Like:

1. Well it looks pretty clear.  I'll have to grab the doctor.

2.  "That's strange, no one else has pain during that test?" One of the tests I had discomfort in my eyes.  I assumed this was normal.  Apparently not!

3.  "The test already started, you should be seeing flashing lights." This was the scariest one.  It was my first time doing this test, which checks you for weak spots in your vision.  I misinterpreted the directions and missed a ton of flashes of light because I was expecting something brighter.

4.  "Well let's hope that was just the camera a little fuzzy, let's try again." For about 10 seconds the picture on screen of my nerve endings looked empty.  I had moved my eye during the scan.  Phew...

5.  "Did the doctor, um, well, say anything to you?" Asked the assistant. "LIKE WHAT!?  AM I GOING BLIND!?"  Turns out she was wondering about if he had told me when he wanted to see me again.

After all the tests, it turns out my eyes actually have improved and I don't have much to worry about.

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