Don't put away that hand sanitizer yet.  The horrendous 2018 flu season is still here.  Last week I actually thought maybe our family was spared from the virus.  That would have been a miracle, considering we have one kid in daycare and the other in elementary school.  If there's a sickness going around it usually makes it to our doorstep.

But here we were in the middle of March, warmer temperatures around us, and spring finally starting when I thought maybe we dodged the bullet and made it.

Then, almost like it was waiting for me to say it, it hit.  And it hit fast.

Our daughter (who had the flu shot) started with a cough.  Soon later she had a fever and she was obviously pretty ill.

The next morning I woke up with a little rattle in my chest.  I went along with my day but it was pretty apparent something wasn't right and I just kind of felt crummy.  I did NOT get a flu shot this year, FYI.

By the afternoon I crawled into bed.  Within about 12 hours of the cough starting, my fever, body aches, chills, and whole body pain started.  It was like a headache for my whole body.

I slept the most part of 48 hours and I didn't have the drive or energy to even move a muscle.  It was the most sick I've been that I can remember.  My doctor called in a prescription for tamiflu which I took at about 24 hours into the flu.

It took me about 4 days to get to the point where I could function again somewhat.  5 days and I was able to go back to work.  That's when my wife got it.  She started Tamiflu even earlier now that we were sure that it was the flu.  Her symptoms were not as severe and it really seemed to be a big help.

My kids had their flu shots this year.  My wife and I never made it in.  Especially because we heard it wasn't that effective in this years strain, we thought there was no point of getting it.  Research does show that even though the flu shot may not prevent you from getting sick this year, it could help with lessening the symptoms.  That appears to be the case with our daughter who handled it much better than us.  I'll be sure to get a flu shot next year.

So don't think the flu season is over yet.  Cases are on the decline, but I do know of several other families who have the virus going around their house.


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