Music is medicine, according to one Minnesota surgeon.

Two orthopedic residents from the Mayo Clinic have found overnight fame after posting an amazing cover of Mike Yung's 'Alright.'

The two men, Dr. Elvis Francois and Dr. William Robinson, were filmed by another orthopedic resident. Dr. Francois takes the lead with vocals while Robinson accompanies him on the piano.

The video is about one minute long but the impact is strong and moving.

Sharing the video to his Facebook page, Dr. Francois also posted some of the lyrics along with a heartfelt message.

He wrote, "Before he retired the legendary Dr. Franklin Sim once told me....”As a surgeon, it is your responsibility to bear the burden of worry with your patients.....”

He continues, "As health care providers we often meet people at their greatest time of need....and sometimes the best gift you can give is a simple reminder that everything will be alright...."

He ended the letter by simple writing, "Music is medicine" and giving thanks to the other two involved in the video.

Come Monday morning, it has been shared over 30-thousand times and has 2 million views and counting.

The whole singing thing isn't new to Dr. Francois. A quick glance at his Facebook page shows several other videos of the singing surgeon. He's also been featured on Inside Edition AND Pickler & Ben.

How cool is that?!

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