I spend a lot of time in front of a screen.  Between my computers at work, at home, and my mobile devices, I spend hours straining my eyes everyday.   Recently I had an eye check up and complained to my doctor about how hard it is to see my smartphone sometimes.  I find my self taking my glasses off because I have a hard time adjusting.  She suggested digital lenses.   This was a new thing I had never heard about.

This video can explain what digital lenses are better than I could.   I can just tell you the difference I've noticed already.


I've been avoiding talking to the doctor about my problem seeing my phone or tablet because I didn't want to be described bifocals.  I'm still in my 30's and didn't want to already cross that milestone.  She told me digital lenses would help out with today's demands on our eyes.   It would make it easier to see screens up close, cut down on glare, and give my eyes more clarity.  I paid the extra money and ordered some.

Boy am I glad I did.  Immediately I noticed the difference.  When I look down at my phone or even reading small print, it's like it's magnified.  The glare is much less too, and that helps quite a bit.  I'm glad I spent the extra money on this, escpecially with all the demands and harsh light we face in the


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