Most of the time I wear contacts to improve my vision but on occasion will throw on glasses when I am winding down for the evening and getting ready for bed.  Being that I don't wear glasses very often, on this go around of a prescription update, I opted for a less expensive pair.

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In going that route, I was equally concerned for the frame quality/strength and the prescription actually being what it's supposed to be.  Now, normally I'm not a cheap out on stuff kind of guy, as more expensive many times equates to higher quality.  I just could not justify hundreds of dollars on glasses this time.

My wife has purchased glasses online before from a company called Zenni and has had moderately good luck with them.  My eye doctor also mentioned they can be okay to order from but to keep in mind some people have had prescription issues.  I figured it was worth a shot.

I logged on with my prescription in hand and scrolled through dozens of frames until I found a set that I figured would be ok.  Coming in at just a smidgen under forty bucks with shipping, and also including their $4.95 anti-reflective coating, the price was certainly impressive.  The glasses arrived within a few days and were packaged incredibly well.

After two months with the glasses and just wearing them around the house as mentioned above and not for work, I've been mostly pleased.  I have done my best to take care of them, as far as not leaving them laying on the bed and putting them back in the case when I'm done.  My only gripe is they seem to smudge up a lot more than other glasses I have owned and are harder to keep the lenses clean.  For me, that's not a big deal breaker for the price and fit.  For the money, I'm happy with my purchase so far.  Have you tried Zenni or any of the "cheaper" optical options that are available online?

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