Luke Bryan is known for his fun-loving and energetic personality so it is a little scary and out of character when he gets mad! The country star stumbled upon a review of his show in Minnesota last weekend and took to social media to talk about it.

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To get you up to speed, the country star packed the house at the Xcel Energy Center on Saturday night (October 14th). Openers included Chayce BeckhamHailey Whitters and Conner Smith. Luke was also supposed to be in Minnesota just a few weeks earlier but his show was cancelled because of the weather.

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After the show, a pop music critic from the Pioneer Press reviewed the show and shared it on his Twitter page, along with a caption stating that the country star was "kind of a mess" while on stage.

The review called Luke "distracted" and "slow-moving" and claims that the country star really "phoned it in" while he was onstage. Somehow, Luke caught wind of the review and responded on his personal account yesterday morning (October 17th), calling the bad review a "trend" with the Pioneer Press.

OPE. I can imagine it doesn't feel good to get a bad review but if you are in the public eye, especially as an entertainer, that is a big part of what you are signing up for. I wouldn't expect Luke to be upset about a less-than-stellar review, especially since he has been at this for so many years and is one of the biggest stars in country music.

As for the critic who wrote the story, he seems relatively unfazed. He has since acknowledged the review and Luke's response to it on his Twitter account. He even shared all of the other reviews he's written about Luke's shows over the years, many of which have been complimentary.

To silence the haters even more, he went on to share a thread of all of his recent country music reviews, many of which are also positive. He gave Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett and The Chicks great reviews, among others.

Welp, there you have it. Do I think Luke overreacted? Yes. Do I love Luke? Also yes. He brought more attention to the bad review by responding to it and calling out the Pioneer Press.

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He has a right to be upset but one "okay" review from one stop on your major tour isn't going to break you when you are already a massive star. Smile, Luke. It's going to be okay. What do you think about this country music beef?

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