It was in 4th grade when I complained to my mother that the teacher wasn't focusing the projector. I was having a hard time reading the numbers in math. A couple days later I now had the honor of being called four eyes. Elementary school in the early 90s was tough.

Yep, I wore glasses from then onward all the way until I finally got Lasik surgery at Relf Eyecare  just over a month ago. It's been that long, and I still can't break some old habits.

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    Waking up looking for my glasses

    Oddly enough, it wasn't until a week or so after my surgery that I found myself doing this. For the first few nights you need to wear goggles when you sleep so you don't rub your eyes. As soon as those goggles were gone, I spent at least a few sleepy moments pawing around for my glasses.

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    Buying the cheapest sunglasses from Kwik Trip

    People that don't own glasses take sunglasses for granted. In order for people to get sunglasses, they have to shell out another couple hundred bucks for basic frames, or tint their old frames. I've always wanted to buy cheap sunglasses from a gas station, so that's one of the first things I did. $12.00 iGogz from Kwik Trip.

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    Pushing your forefinger to the bridge of your nose like an idiot.

    I don't know how many times I've been having a conversation with someone and just casually put my forefinger to my forehead to push up my glasses. But, of course, there are no glasses there. Then I act totally chill like nothing weird just happened while watching the confused look come over the other person's face.

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    Holy crap! It's easy to get stuff in your eyes!

    I was working on snowmobile parts and using a lubricating spray on the work bench. I sprayed the part and it splashed back instantly entering my eyes. Normally my glasses would have been a guard. I have never worked on anything mechanical without eye glasses on. Guess I now REALLY need to wear those safety glasses I never really have.

  • 5

    Putting away my sunglasses and looking for my regular glasses after driving

    I use to always keep my prescription pair of sunglasses in my truck, I'd switch to them while driving, and then when done switch back to my other glasses. I still can't break this habit after a month!

  • 6

    Reaching for my glasses for dramatic effect.

    There's something dramatic and serious when someone takes off their glasses and gives you a serious look. But now, I look like a moron clawing at his brow with an intense look. I need to get the hang of this.

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