There are more and more races popping up around the Northland and they all sound interesting. You want to run one or two, but you are a sitter, or someone who isn't as active, or maybe just a walker, here's a way to train for a 5K race that is your pace.

In this video transformation specialists and certified trainers Chris and Heidi Powell give Judy a five-step plan that even the most novice runner can follow to the finish line of their first 5K. It doesn't matter your exercise level, plan for 8 weeks to train.

According to the video below and Yahoo! In week one, do 10 minutes of walking or running a day for five days. You can run for 15 seconds and walk for 45 seconds, Chris says. "It doesn't seem like much but before you know it, your body is conditioning itself." Added bonus: It's a great method to boosting your metabolism and burning calories. Build up over the following weeks, so you're at 40 minutes/day by week seven.

The key is the metabolism and how much time you are putting in. When your metabolism is higher than what you are eating then you start losing the weight. Another tip for losing weight on this training plan is to find out how many calories your body size should be consuming and come in a little under that or right on it. If you exercise your body will use some of the calories.

Everyone says the time to start is before the summer to look great because you will gain weight in the winter is an idiot, there is never a bad time to start exercising. In fact, if you start now you should be in great shape for the summer next year. Not to mention, looking great to enjoy the weather.

Enjoy the video!

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