Can You Exercise Too Much?
Some people need to exercise for health reasons, most people should in order to keep in shape so there aren't health risks later in life. Some people it becomes a drug and they exercise too much, but how much is too much?
How Is Your Grandma's Marathon Training Coming Along
Some people know exactly what they should be running right now and what their training should look like. They have it plotted on paper and follow it to the letter. Some people are in panic mode. So Carrie Tollefson has a few videos to help you build endurance and strength.
Wanna Be A Runner, Do A 5k, But You're Not A Runner
There are more and more races popping up around the Northland and they all sound interesting. You want to run one or two, but you are a sitter, or someone who isn't as active, or maybe just a walker, here's a way to train for a 5K race that is your pace.
The 4 Best Places to Run in the Duluth Area
Grandma's Marathon weekend is fast approaching, which means the roads are full runners training for their races.  I have run about 11 Gary Bjorklund Half Marathons and being a creature of habit, I have my favorite places in the Duluth area to train each year.
Gearing Up For Grandmas Set for March 21st
So, you've signed up to challenge yourself by running Grandma's Marathon weekend.  Now the reality hits you that you need to have a training plan.   Luckily, Grandma's Marathon is here to help you achieve your goals.
Ken and Cathy Experience The Kwik Trip Training Center
Ken and I had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at the Kwik Trip Training Center in Superior.  We got the scoop on the extensive training that goes into a Kwik Trip employee before they hit the store.  No wonder it's a great experience whenever you visit one of their stores alre…

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