Yesterday's high winds caused a lot of problems across the Northland.  There was 7ft waves on Lake Superior which had cancelled some fishing charters.  There was wide spread power outages and I can't count how many garbage cans I saw tipped over or blown into the middle of the street.  It also caused the Duluth Fire Department to reschedule a Live Fire Training Exercise.


The Live Fire Training Exercise on the Sundby Road which is planned by the Duluth Fire Department has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday July 2nd.

This is what you need to know.  It will begin at 9am and will continue until 5pm. Sundby Road will be closed to vehicle traffic from Page Street (just above Burning Tree Rd) to Miller Creek Drive. Access to the Miller Creek Townhomes will be from Haines Road.

Motorists driving in the area of this event should be aware of no through traffic on Sundby Road.  You will need to find an alternative route.

While it's interesting to watch the fire fighters at work, for safety and traffic reasons, please do your best to avoid traveling in to to that area until after 5pm.

If you have any traffic related questions contact Officer Bill Stovern at 218-730-5678.


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