I find myself enjoying limited series more and more. I like the fact that the story line has a clear ending, unlike the yearly shows that tend to drag on sometimes until they eventually fizzle out. Waco, produced by Paramount Network, is a show that gets good quick, and ramps up rather quickly.

Waco is about a horrific event that took place near Waco, Texas. The ATF conducted a seige of the Mount Carmel compound. David Koresh was the leader of a religious sect called the Branch Davidians. They were suspected of having illegal weapons, and when the raid took place a gun fight broke out where several federal agents and civilians were killed. The feds pulled back and then it became a long standoff that lasted days. In the end, the FBI tried using tear gas to get the Branch Davidians out of the compound. A fire broke out and many people died including women and children.

The series on Netlfix does an incredible job of showing how charismatic David Koresh was. If you have ever wondered how someone gets lured into a cult, this movie explains it perfectly.  David Koresh is played by Taylor Kitsch, and he does a remarkable job. I've seen him in some other roles and he never really caught my attention as a serious actor. But in this case, I had to google who this actor was because he was doing such a good job, and that's when I discovered it was Kitsch.

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John Leguizamo as always is top notch. Michael Shannon adds some star power as well playing a negotiator. Really, all of the cast is top notch. Another fun surprise is when you see someone who looks like McCauly Caulkin, and realize it's actually his younger brother Rory playing the part of a young follower.

This show does a good job showing all sides of the conflict. Both sides are to blame for this tragedy and the show shines a light on that. 'Waco' is definitely a show worth watching.

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