I love a good end of times apocalypse movie, so I was intrigued to see 'How It Ends' on Netflix.  I had a few free hours yesterday so why not?  Turns out it was a mistake and a waste of time.

It stars Forest Whitaker.  It's not his fault this movie is so bad.  He actually gives a solid performance.  The plot is the problem with this train wreck. The movie never felt like a low budget sci fi movie, but it definitely didn't have a blockbuster budget.

It starts off interesting enough with the original disaster happening. What began as compelling never delivered. We were so curious as to what was happening exactly as the characters didn't know yet either.  Power outages, communication break downs, etc all lead to a sense of mystery of what was really happening.


So here's the basis of the plot, some guy and his future father in law drive from Chicago to Seattle to rescue his pregnant fiance/daughter.  Along the way they run into all sorts of people trying to steal, kill, or do whatever to survive.  This road trip takes like 4 or 5 days, when really it could have been done in a day.  The movie feels like it takes that long.

Along the way, they get into a car accident and Tom (Forest Whitaker) cracks his ribs.  It causes problems and it gets to the point where he needs help badly.  Then, after a brief altercation with a bridge being used as a trap to steal their stuff, they shoot there way out in an impressive action scene.  Then Tom just dies in the backseat. It's really one of the most pointless moments of the movie.

Will (the fiance) continues on his journey to get to Seattle where it has been destroyed.  By what? We still don't really know.  That's the most frustrating part about this movie, we never really find out what the heck happened.

He is reunited with his fiance who was rescued by her neighbor and taken out the mountains where they were staying.  Will and this jerk don't get along right off the bat in what feels like a very forced hated relationship. Turns out of course that he has the hots for his girl and tries to kill him. Will shoots him first and kills him.  Then another disaster cloud is coming so he runs with his fiance and they get in the car and drive off with the cloud chasing them.

That was the freaking movie.  END.

So to wrap it up, we still don't know what exactly happened with the disaster. So there is no real payoff there. The whole love triangle thing feels incredibly forced.  In just 5 days (or whatever it was) this guy really thinks that she and him will have a life together?  Let's not forget about the pointless mechanic passenger from the reservation who just walks off halfway through. And if you're going to set up an ambush on a bridge, would you really send dirt bikes after a car?  Spoiler alert, a car wins every motorcycle/car encounter.

It was a sloppy, plot hole ridden, waste of time.

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