I was eating lunch yesterday and pulled up Netflix to put something mindless on for a few minutes while I ate. While I was on the homepage, a documentary trailer started auto playing called 'Tread.' For some reason it grabbed my attention and I decided to give it a quick watch to see if it was any good. I didn't expect to watch it from start to finish, but I did.

It's a true story about a guy that seeks revenge on his Granby, Colorado community by building his own tank out of a huge bulldozer. Then he tears down the buildings of anyone that wronged him. What's so fascinating about this story is that the guy seemed like a well liked, normal guy at the beginning. By the end, he is deranged, delusional, and obviously dangerous. The documentary does a great job of following him down his own rabbit hole. It's really scary to see how this develops.

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They use a mixture of re enactments, interviews with people involved with the case, and actual footage from news coverage. It's done quite well, actually. It draws you in and you believe what you are seeing. It also answers your questions too, like why haven't I heard about this before? This should have been a huge deal and all across the media, but I don't remember it at all and it wasn't that long ago (in 2004.)

So if you're looking for an interesting, bizarre story to get lost in, 'Tread' is definitely worth watching.

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