I saw the trailers for the Netflix Original 'Maniac' and I was intrigued. I was also a little hesitant to watch it after the last Netflix Original I watched BOMBED. (Oh my God was How It Ends terrible.) Anyway I gave it a shot and I have to say it is the fastest I've binge watched in a while.  I finished the entire 10 episode limited series in just 3 afternoons.

But there is a catch to enjoying this show. You really need to let go of what is normal and just take things how they are. The setting it takes place in is bizarre.  It's like futuristic retro and none of it really makes any sense. But don't get stuck on that. Just take it for what it is and soak it all in.

I read some blogs and reviews on it and I'm surprised how many people have a hard time understanding the core of this series. They get hung up on the plot more than they should. It's supposed to be strange, nonsensical, chaotic, while at the same time being incredibly sad, touching, and absolutely hilarious. Seriously, there are some laugh out loud moments that only work because they blindside you. I don't know of another show that's ever been able to master both ends of the spectrum of emotion and everything in between so well.

The acting between Jonah Hill and Emma Stone is the best I've seen in either of their careers. Seriously good stuff! It took a lot of depth to play their characters. I always knew Emma Stone was capable of this, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Jonah Hill show his real abilities and nail this role.

Like I said, you need to surrender to the insanity when you watch this show and just accept the fact that you are in their world. Once you do that, you can enjoy this for what it is.

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