A couple of months back some friends of ours messaged my wife and asked if we wanted to go see Patsy Cline in Duluth.  My response was, "they know Patsy Cline is dead, right?".

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They did know that, but what they meant was a musical about Patsy Cline that was slated for June at the Fitger's Spirit of the North Theater.  The show was called "Always... Patsy Cline".

I grew up listening to a lot of her music because of my mom, and early in my working career had a boss who would play Patsy's greatest hits on repeat quite often in the shop.

We agreed to go, and grabbed dinner beforehand at The Boat Club Restaurant which is also in Fitger's.  Unknown to me until arrival at the theater, the production was actual put on by The Boat Club.

Seated in row 4 of a theater with no bad seats in the house, we had a great view of the musical/play.  Based on a true story, it centered of course around Patsy Cline's music which included us getting to hear 27 songs.  But it also told of the events of a fan from Houston that became friends with Cline.

Besides the incredible vocals, and the sweet sounds of the steel guitar, there was comedy mixed in too as the story was told.  It was very well produced and a very well done performance all around.

The performance only had a limited run which sold out, but after talking with staff, it sounds like they may try for another set of shows down the road.  If they do, I would highly suggest trying to go see it.  Christina Stroup who played Patsy Cline rocked the vocals, look, and performance so well that she could take her part of the gig on the road nationally.  If they do it again, don't miss it.

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