Like many others, I have been waiting for another film as part of the Halloween movie franchise, even if it might be the end of some familiar characters.

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The story of Michael Myers started being told back in 1978 in John Carpenter's Halloween.  From there, we saw plenty of sequels, and some were great and others not so great.  Rob Zombie even developed and released his own take on Halloween and Halloween 2, both films I really enjoyed almost as much as the originals.

In 2021 we were delivered Halloween Kills, which I thought was done decently enough.  Claiming to "end" things in the title, the 2022 film Halloween Ends was released on October 14th.  I wanted to see this in the theaters but just didn't make the time, and I'm actually glad I didn't.

With how many have enjoyed, followed, and been loyal to the Halloween franchise over the years, it's a shame what we were given with Halloween Ends.  The story was quite simply boring, and didn't focus enough on our beloved killer, Michael Myers.  While it did focus plenty on Laurie Strode played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis, there was another character brought in who I'm assuming they will create spin-off movies with.  Said character received too much screen time and really brought nothing interesting to the table.

My Brother Max used 6 words to sum up his take on Halloween Ends, "They should be ashamed of themselves".  He's not wrong, the director and writers did the franchise and fans a disservice releasing this bore of a film.  To call it Halloween Ends and not have it be the most intense, most gory, and most edge of your seat movie is a shame.

I won't tell you to not watch Halloween Ends if you haven't seen it, but I will tell you to not expect much.  If you're a fan like me you won't skip seeing it, and I can't blame you for that, just go in expecting nothing fun and maybe a small part of it will entertain you.

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