Last night we picked up the pieces after the jaw dropping mid season finale.  We saw the survivors head out with a new plan, and once again end the episode with sadness.

Warning, SPOILERS ahead.

So to make a long episode into one sentence, here we go:  Rick and the others make their way to Noah's home in hopes of him finding his family.  While at his home, Tyrese is bit by one of his little zombie brothers.  Tyreese in a zombie fever hallucinations sees people who have left before.  At the end of the episode, they seem to welcome him into death.

Yeah, that sucked.  I liked Tyreese.  Poor Sasha.  She's lost Bob, and now her brother.  I don't see a point in the episode for killing of Tyreese, but I guess there really doesn't have to be one.

This episode wasn't very exciting.  Not all of them are.  However, it was a unique way and perspective to see how someone reacts by being bit.  It was like Tyreese was staring death down, and his friends were welcoming him to the other side, where it's better.

The episode left me hoping for a bit more.  It was good enough, but I was hoping to see some more progress from the group.  We will see what happens next week as they make their way to Washington.

Oh, and one more thing.  What the heck was up with the top half of the zombies loaded into that truck?  Creepy!

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