Netflix has a Breaking Bad spinoff moving coming out on October 11th. It's called 'El Camino,' and it picks up where the series ended with Jesse driving off finally free.  Or is Jesse Pinkman ever going to be really free? We'll have to find out. Watch this clip to bring you back up to speed on Jesse's story.


Since I first heard of 'El Camino' coming out, I've been binge watching Breaking Bad again. I've seen the entire series before, but this time I almost binge watch even harder than before. Knowing what is coming in the next episode just keeps it rolling. I gotta say, I forgot how bad I felt for Jesse Pinkman. Walter White is a monster through the second half of the series, and Pinkman becomes the guy you're rooting for.

I really hope we see some good things happen for Pinkman at the end of this film, because that's what fans are going to want.

El Camino is available to stream on October 11th.

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