I was sick in bed this weekend with a mystery illness that fortunately has turned out to not be the coronavirus. This year, however, if you're running a fever and have any of the million symptoms, you are told to quarantine. I locked myself in the bedroom for a couple of days, and in between naps I started watching 'The Umbrella Academy' on Netlflix. As with any Netflix Original, it takes me seeing the trailer about 20 times before I actually click on it. I'm glad I finally started this show, because it definitely has something for everyone.

This series has everything from super hero powers, ghost stories, time travel, mystery, robots, monsters, conspiracies, the apocalypse and more. They have crammed so much into this series that it's hard to believe it doesn't get too cluttered. Seriously, I don't mean to brag but I can lose interest in a series real quick. It's my super hero ability. I can't tell you how many shows that I have just not paid close enough attention to and next thing you know I'm lost. Not with this series. The story line comes at you fast with a million little twists that keep you engaged.  There are surprises in almost every episode, and each one ends in a way that you got to binge watch the next. It's a lot too. The episodes are all about an hour each and they are well done. The special effects are spot on, and it definitely doesn't feel like a cheap production.

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The acting is pretty good too. The main stars can all carry their own scenes. Really the only actors I recognized were Ellen Page and Tom Hopper. Robert Sheehan shines in his role as Klaus, a screw up drug addict. He quickly becomes a favorite. Aiden Gallagher as number 5 does a great job holding his own with his much older adult actors.

You can watch the trailer below and see what you're in for. I'll leave you with this final note. Make sure you watch the first two episodes. There's a lot of set up in the first episode, but things get rolling rather quickly.


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