Last night Falling Skies returned on TNT and didn't waste anytime jumping back into action.  When we were left last season, the overlord was killed and a new alien visitor showed up.  We were wondering, are they friend or foe?  Well for the time being they are friend, and they've definitely done some help with technology, if not for man power.

So things are looking up for the Charleston fighters.  The first two episodes had a lot to offer, process, and a lot to ignore if you wanted to enjoy it.   I think they've thrown a little too much into it, but there were some interesting plot lines.   Let me break it down:

The Good:

  • Tom is President.  He already was on that path and I'm glad they didn't dance around it and just made him the go to guy.
  • The new alien "Volm" add a little flavor.  Obviously the resistance needed help, but are these guys going to just pack up and leave if they win?
  • More action.  It's nice to see a couple of fights already.
  • Baby was born already.  Glad we didn't have to go through that whole "what are we going to do thing that we did with the whole Walking Dead stuff."
  • The espionage bit.  Who doesn't love a "who dunnit" sub plot.  That makes it interesting.
  • The harness removal.  Finally there is hope for these kids... but do you think that's what caused the baby to be advancing so quick?  The exposure to Dr. Glass?

The bad:  (Sorry, there was quite a bit of cheeky stuff)

  • Manchester dying was extremely lame.  "Oh, So it's you?"  Then he's shot.  Worst line ever.  Pretty corny.
  • Karen's the new overlord, really?  Karen, Hal's old girlfriend now suddenly is the overlord of the esphine.  (at least in the region, if I remember right.)  This seems like a long shot considering she was fighting them not long ago.  Whatever, I have a hard time swallowing that.
  • Karen & Hal.  She controls him now with that implant or whatever, you expect Hal to be the spy.  I'm just sick of this whole thing with Karen.
  • Where are all the new weapons?  So at the battle with the power plant they got their butts kicked while causing a distraction.  What happened to the new modified guns they had with the Volm technology.  I mean if a spy could get his hands on one, don't you think they would have at least one gun with them?
  • Weaver needs to open his mouth when he talks.  It's getting almost comical listening to him talk while clenching his teeth.  I get it that it's his character, but lighten up just a tad.
  • The phrase "the past 7 months."  Oh my god how annoying was it that they had to say it every fifteen minutes.  We get that 7 months have past.  We're not stupid, and wouldn't people say, "Since the volm arrived, or this past year?"  It just seemed like a ridiculous amount of mentions.

Undecided how I feel:

  • The advanced baby. My gut reaction was, "oh for crying out loud."  But maybe it will turn out to be something worth watching.
  • The Volm's "Cochise" character. I laughed out loud when he first started talking, but whatever.  I guess I didn't expect him to sound like a polished professor.
  • The scientist.  Typical cliche of a mad scientist.  Not sure if I'm going to get sick of this.


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