Late last month we had the sad duty of reporting that veteran cultural icon and the actor behind legendary soap 'Dallas' most enduring character J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman had passed away of cancer-related complications. Hagman's passing also left TNT's revived 'Dallas' series in the lurch in the midst of shooting a second season when the actor died.  We knew that TNT would find a way to work the character's death into the story as well, but now have details of the funeral, including several past 'Dallas' stars in attendance.

'Dallas' icon Larry Hagman's passing won't be ignored by TNT's revitalized series, with six of the actor's fifteen season 2 episodes already in the can. In addition to writing the character's death into the story, we've learned from TVLine that the series will shoot a funeral as well, to be aired on March 11. The second season of 'Dallas' is to premiere on January 28.

Supposedly, the funeral sequence will feature appearances from a number of 'Dallas' veterans, including those who have yet to be worked into TNT's revitalized series as their characters from the previous series.

What say you? Are you happy to see J.R. Ewing (and Larry Hagman) given the proper send-off by the new 'Dallas?' Would you prefer the character have simply been written out of the story?

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