Last year Falling Skies came out and I loved it.  The first season ended with a cliffhanger, it came back with a bang, but now a few episodes into season 2 and I'm starting to slip away.  After last night's episode "Homecoming," I really hope there is more action next week.  It's something that this show has always and will always need more of. 

I'm also pretty sick of Ben running away or acting strange because of the harness.  I rolled my eyes last night when he and Karen ran off in the woods.  I just would be fine with them running off the set.

Whatever happened to Scott?  We got this new repair guy Jamil that apparently is the messiah of fixing things.  When alien crafts could identify vehicles by the heat signatures of the engine, this genius guy covers the hoods with blankets.  But why are the lights still on the cars when they drive at night?  Don't you think that would be a giveaway.  (Thanks to my friend Tony who pointed that out.)  Now in last night's episode they need to save Weaver's life and pump out his blood, heat it up, and pump it back in to him.  So Jamil rigs up a dialysis machine with built in heater.  What THE HECK?  Did this guy go to MIT?

Pope show back up at the end of the episode.  Once again I was rolling my eyes.  I knew he would be back, but already?  They said they were going to leave for good.   I would have been happy with a few episodes of him being gone.  Now we are back to the whole thing blowing up in our face with Pope.  Will someone just shoot him already?

The only thing that is going to save this show for me is if they actually start to resolve problems or have an ending to these sub plots.  Here's an example.  I'd like Ben to finally be normal again or at least quit running off.  I would like this Pope thing to be solved, and for God sakes lets get somewhere with this show.

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