It's not very often that I get caught up in new TV Shows. It seems like every time I do, they get cancelled. Hopefully that's not the case with ABC's new police drama 'The Rookie.' It stars ABC alumni Nathan Fillion, who also starred in their hit show 'Castle.'

The show features a man who has lost everything, and he decides to start a new life and help people by moving across the country and becoming an LA police officer. He's in his 40's and no one wants him to be there. His chief doesn't like him, his training officer is worried he's going to stall her career progression, and it's clear from the beginning this is going to be an uphill battle for him.

There's plenty of action in the first two episodes. Like probably too much, really. I understand the need to grab your attention for you to watch the series, and it really does, even if it makes the show feel a little heavy handed.

There's love interests, there are some great set ups for backstories, and it's a great foundation for a lot of sub plots to emerge. Let's see if this one will hold up, as it has a promising start.

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