Another unidentified flying object was spotted in the Northland. This time, the sighting was reported in Duluth.

A resident reported the sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center, who keeps track of sightings like this. According to the site, the UFO was spotted in early December. It was just posted to the website recently.

This wasn't just any UFO, however. The person who reported the sighting, whose name is not listed, said they spotted five lights that were yellow and orange in color. The lights were in a formation and 100 to 500 feet above ground. It occurred around 7 that evening.

As soon as we noticed these lights which one could not have missed, my fiance flashed his high-beams at us so I KNEW he'd seen them as well. I saw what appeared to be one unit out ahead of the others, with a space between them and then what can only be described as a SEQUENCE of these identical lights light up one after the other. They also appeared to be hovering.

Wow! The resident finished up the story by saying the lights disappeared into the trees before going away completely.

The sighting happened on Lester River Road near Roberg Road in the Lakewood area of Duluth. It all occurred in under a minute.

The person who reported the sighting also makes it clear in his report that this object was not a plane. They are a pilot and adamant it was not an aircraft. Hmmm! This is very interesting.

UFO sightings in the Northland are nothing new. Late last year, our very own Ken Hayes spotted one in Superior, Wisconsin. Shortly before that, another was reported in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I wonder where the next one will be!

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