A UFO sighting has been reported pretty close to the place we call home!

A resident of Rice Lake, Wisconsin has reported a UFO sighting. According to the report, the supernatural was spotted on September 10th around 8 in the evening.

The report says the UFO looked like "three stationary red flashing lights" in the sky. They never moved but are described as being in a line, disappearing one by one about 20 to 30 seconds apart from each other.

According to the report, the flashing was minimal and they turned white before they disappeared. The sighting lasted about five minutes total.

Alien sightings are often reported to the National UFO Reporting Center. This one was. They are then archived and categorized by state, date and more.

This has been a big year for alien sightings. As of June of this year, there were three alien sightings in Cloquet, Minnesota alone. There have also been several alien sightings in Wisconsin in 2019. Maybe it is a sign!

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