There may be some Duluth residents and tourists getting concerned over the next couple of weeks if they're in an area of the city and suddenly hear air horn blasts and explosions.

It can be unnerving to hear things of that nature, but if you happen to hear these noises, don't panic. There is no emergency, we are not under attack.

The City of Duluth notified the public that it's part of a big project that is moving into an important stage beginning Tuesday, June 25.

The City has begun rock removal for the Sixth Avenue East extension project and the air horns and explosions are part of the controlled blasting that is taking place between First Street and Second Street.

The blasting schedule and warning schedule are as follows:

Blasting Schedule:

Start Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Duration: Approximately 2 weeks

Blast Times: Monday through Friday at noon and 4 PM

Residents, businesses, and anyone in the vicinity of Sixth Avenue E. are advised to be aware of the following expected warnings:

  • 5 minutes before blast: Warning signal is a 1-minute series of long air horn blasts
  • 1 minute before blast: Blasting signal is a 1-minute series of short air horn blasts
  • After blast: All-clear signal is a prolonged horn blast following inspection of the blast area.

The City of Duluth notes that it is committed to ensuring the safety of and minimal community disruption during this construction activity. The blasts are scheduled for specific times to allow residents and businesses to prepare and take necessary precautions.

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They add that the blast area surrounding the blast site will be secured, and access will be restricted during the blasting times. Furthermore, each blasting area will be covered with mats and tires so there is no flying rock.

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While noise and vibrations from the blasts are unavoidable, they will be closely monitored by sensors around the site to ensure they stay within safe limits.

The City of Duluth says it appreciates the community’s cooperation and understanding during the work on this important infrastructure project, adding that these efforts are essential for improving the City's infrastructure and ensuring long-term benefits for our residents and businesses.

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