There was a large v shaped craft observed flying over Superior Wisconsin on October 19th at approximately 11pm. The craft was shaped like a v wing, with dim lights underneath. It made no sound and when it changed direction it did not bank like a traditional aircraft.

I know the details of this sighting well, because I actually was the one who saw it. I've never seen anything I couldn't identifying or speculate to what it was until now.  My wife was with me as well and saw the same thing. It left both of us in awe and speechless for a moment.

Here's the full story. We had just got back home from the Chris Young concert (which we left a few minutes early.)  We were standing in the backyard and I just happened to be looking in the sky. I saw the object coming from the south end of town and then it pivoted and changed directions, moving east towards Lake Superior. I don't say the word flying, because it didn't look like it was flying. It was moving without sound or effort.

It was dark, but I could make out that the craft was smooth and shiny. There appeared to be a reflective quality to it. The lights under the craft were dim enough that if you weren't looking in that direction, you wouldn't see them. There were no FAA lights on it, nothing blinking, and definitely not trying to draw attention to it.

It moved fast, the entire sighting was over in less than thirty seconds. I have tried to come up with an explanation, but nothing seems to make sense.

I reported the sighting to the UFO reporting center. I looked for any other UFO reports and there was one back on September 25th over Lake Superior. This was described as a white light hovering over Lake Superior, then lowering into the woods.

I still can't believe what I was seeing. It was very strange.

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