Soon, we will be able to see the Iron Range on your TV screen! A television pilot just wrapped filming in Chisholm.

There have been some awesome films coming out of the area lately and some big ones, too! Last month, a production company said they would be filming a big movie in the area at the end of the month and into early May.

While details of the movie are being kept on the down low, producers at the time said they were in talks with a national channel to air the movie. They were seeking extras to act as college students in the background of a few scenes.

There was also a movie filmed in Duluth's Lincoln Park area. It is called The Hand That Feeds and it made its debut in downtown Duluth at the end of April. The story was filmed at the popular Caddy Shack, a hot spot in the area.

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Now, we have yet another thing to add to our watch list! A television pilot just finished filming in Chisholm, Minnesota! Chisholm is a short drive from Duluth.

The show is described as a "microbudget independent" pilot and it is called Canusa Street. The Upper Midwest Film Office shared more information about the pilot on their Facebook page, which gives some insight into all that happened during filming.

According to their post, the television pilot filmed from April 19th through the 28th. The cool thing is that the production brought tens of thousands into the area, from lodging costs to location and rental costs.

The studio behind the project, Lost Forty Studios, shared several photos throughout the process, including a photo of two of the main cast members. Based on the photos and updates they shared, the television pilot filmed at the Chisholm Curling Club and in the downtown area.

So what is Canusa Street about exactly? The description of the television pilot is as follows:

In a small town cut in half by the Vermont/Quebec border, a jaded US Border Patrol struggles to stave off boredom while maintaining a fierce rivalry with her twin sister in the Canadian Mounties. “BROOKLYN NINE-NINE” meets “PARKS & REC”
It is interesting that it is a comedy! I thought it would be a drama but who doesn't love Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine? It stars Lauren and Sierra Tothero as Holly and Hartley, the feuding sisters in the plot. I can't wait to see the television pilot when it drops at a to-be-determined date.

Yet another movie was filmed in the Northland recently and just debuted on the first of the month. The movie is called Beyond The Northwoods and is a scary movie filmed entirely from an iPhone.

One of the best cheesy Christmas movies ever was filmed in Minnesota a few years back. It was filmed at a farm a few hours from Duluth and it really was Hallmark movie magic.

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