Tis the season for really cheesy Christmas movies. That is why this movie dropped at the perfect time!

Remember the Christmas movie that was filmed in Minnesota earlier this year? In fact, it was filmed in February of 2020. It is called The Christmas Listing and it recently made its big television debut on the Lifetime channel.

I obviously had to watch it because it was filmed in Isanti, Minnesota, which is just a few hours from Duluth. It was filmed at a venue called the Erickson Farmstead, which is a real place located in the town.

The movie centers around two realtors who are each competing for the same listing and have to stay at said listing in order to score the client. In the meantime, they fall in love, as all cheesy Christmas movies go.

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I watched it and wrote down some of my thoughts along the way. Enjoy!

  • The first house shown has a very green door. I have never seen that color before.
  • The main actress has been in other Christmas movies!
  • The love interest does not have a professional "sold" sign.
  • This movie has a classic setup: the family is in financial trouble and need to take drastic measures to save the family from losing the home.
  • The venue in the movie that the two realtors are competing for is called the Erickson Farmstead, which is what it is called in real life!
  • There are a lot of realtors in what seems like a small town.
  • The first shot outside shows the guy's breath. It must have been cold!
  • Half an hour in and we don't know where the movie is supposed to be set but we do know one of the characters works for a firm in Minneapolis.
  • Some of the characters go out to get a Christmas tree and focus on a Minnesota stereotype: we are all axe-yielding and go chop down our own Christmas tree every year.
  • They also think they are going to be attacked by a wolf in the broad daylight in a forest.
  • I am not sure why the two realtors have to stay at the inn and do chores in order to secure the listing.
  • The two kiss, then almost kiss again and then decide they shouldn't. This is in every Hallmark movie.
  • This sister looks way too young to be a real estate agent.
  • There is a big twist!
  • I won't say how it ends but...how do all other Christmas movies end?

There ya have it! That was a lot of thought, I know. Overall, I would give this movie a B. If you take it for what it is, it is entertaining and the acting is good! However, there are other holiday movies that may not be as predictable. However, all cheesy holiday movies are good movies in my world!

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