Bentleyville has become one of the biggest attractions that Duluth has to offer for the Christmas Season.  Unfortunately, it causes quite a bit of congestion for the weekend visitors.  Not only is Bentleyville happening, but often there are UMD Hockey Games or other events taking place at the DECC.  Where's the best option to park?  How do you avoid the traffic jams?  Here are some tips to help you out.

During the week parking usually isn't a big issue.  You should be fine parking at the adjacent lots right at Bentleyville.  Friday and Saturday nights are a different story.  Traffic can back up on I-35 with motorists traveling into Duluth trying to get downtown or to Bayfront for parking.  Bentleyville suggests that you park on the Garfield Avenue parking lot and take the shuttles.

Another great option is to park in Downtown Duluth.   They've provided a google map of the parking ramps.

Once you park your car, take advantage of the skywalk system that goes accross I-35 and right into the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center.  If you plan your route through Duluth and avoid the interstate all together on those busy evenings, you can really have a stress free parking holiday experience.  Plus there are a lot of shops and businesses open and you may even be able to do a little Christmas Shopping on your way back.

If you don't want to walk as much, you can also take advantage of the Jingle Bus which runs through Downtown Duluth and offers free rides with multiple pick up times.  It's presented by the Greater Downtown Council and is a really great service!

You can also visit Canal Park and make an evening out of it.  In the winter months, Canal Park has free parking in most of it's locations.   As long as it isn't too cold, you can make the short walk across the slip bridge to Bentleyville.  Just be sure on those Friday & Saturday evenings to come down the hill into Canal Park on Lake Avenue to avoid that congestion further west by Bayfront and Amsoil Arena.

And of course, more information can always be found by visiting the Bentleyville website below.


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