Some Jerks Are Stealing Tailgates Off Trucks in Duluth
Seriously, who would even think this would be something to worry about. A Facebook post has been shared nearly 300 times now where a person parked in Duluth and had their tailgate stolen. According to the Facebook post, the tailgate is worth around $2,000.
The Best Options For Bentleyville Parking
Bentleyville has become one of the biggest attractions that Duluth has to offer for the Christmas Season. Unfortunately, it causes quite a bit of congestion for the weekend visitors. Where's the best option to park? How do you avoid the traffic jams?
Traffic Advisory For Christmas City of the North Parade
It's the most wonderful time of the year and the most anticipated parade of the season in the Northland.  The Christmas City of the North Parade!  Bundle up the family and continue a tradition that started in 1958.  Of course, certain roadways will be closed to accommodate the parade participants an…

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