I got out of my car at the grocery store last Saturday and ran into some friends in the parking lot.  They said, "Hey, we just saw you on the cover of a magazine in there".  We shot the photography for the magazine they spoke of with Jeff Peabody some time ago so I was puzzled.

The author of the article in the Duluth.com magazine, Holly Kelsey-Henry, had approached me about Bauer my Schnauzer after reading my blogs and videos about his antics, razor sharp shark teeth, need for calming treats and the fact that he watches TV with vengeance.  I sound like my mom telling him to move back from the TV screen or he'll ruin his eyes.  (my mom use to say that to me all the time).

In the article, Holly compares my former fur baby Ruemmele's personality with that of Bauer's.  Plus, there are other owners stories of their dogs in the article, like Peter Froehlingsdorf with Humphrey, Dan Hanger with Brewster and St. Louis County Deputy Sheriff Ben Fye and his German Shepard, Diesel.

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