I had the pleasure of attending the "Recognizing Women as a Driving Force Event" with the Woman Today Magazine at the Northland Country Club. The dubious award is given to women in our area that go above and beyond their daily contributions and deserve to be recognized for their additional time, talents, knowledge and volunteerism they give to Northlanders and for some, across the world!

Before I get to the names of this year's award winners, I want to thank the keynote speaker, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson.  You'll remember her as the famous photographer who took the endearing picture of the man with the pony tail in Lake Superior with his beloved German Shepard asleep on his chest, just before the dog passed.  Shortly after that Hannah lost her husband to an accident, also on Lake Superior.  She shared her passion of photography, her determination to continue to thrive after such a loss and her knowledge of how to handle social media criticism along with triumphs.  She inspired me to look at my own life and how I can better handle every day situations.

The award recipients also inspired me.  To be a better person, not only for myself, but for those around me.  Congratulations to the following women who demonstrated unselfish volunteerism, leadership, mentoring and to overcome adversity to gain respect and basically, to "get the job done".

Most Engaged Volunteer:  Nancy Rogers

Silent Advocate:  Mary Wilkinson

Leadership Award:  Lynn Haglin

Moxie Award:  Joscelyn Skandel

Mentor Award:  Mary Murphy

Rose Award:  Kelly Finnegan

To all the nominees:  Congratulations and thank you for all you do, you stand in a class that we all admire and strive to be in!

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