My name is Cathy.  Not Katherine, Kathleen or Katie, just plain ole' Cathy.  It's spelled with a "c" because my mother said she couldn't make a good looking "k".  I don't mind my name and my parents had it picked out long before I was born, but I often wonder what their second choice might have been.   Now, thanks to TIME magazine, I can find out and so can you!


My parents had wanted a second child shortly after my sister was born, but I didn't come until they gave up almost nine years later.  By that time another relative in Ireland had had a baby and named her Katherine.  Not wanting to give up the name they like so much, they named me Cathy.  But, what could it have been?

TIME magazine has a way for you to take your given name and show you what your name would have been today.  They basically see where your name is currently ranked today.

I did it and I would have been Madeline.  Interesting!!!   Ken, my co-host would have been Jaxon, I think that fits him.

You try it:

It will even give you what your name would have been from the 1800's to now!