Superior Mayor Jim Paine posted a message on Facebook this week announcing the return of the citywide spring clean up. This traditionally has taken place beginning with the first Monday in May each year. However, due to COVID-19 the city cancelled the clean up last year.

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The schedule for clean up goes as follows:

Week 1:

  • May 3rd - North End N. 1st to Winter / Butler to E. 2nd
  • May 4th - Downtown Winter To Belknap /Butler to Hammond
  • May 5th - Courthouse / Post Office Area Winter to Belknap /Hammond to E. 2nd
  • May 6th - Super One Area Belknap to N. 21st /Butler to Hammond
  • May 7th - UWS / Hayes Ct Belknap to N. 21st / Hammond to Hill

Week 2:

  • May 10 Tower Ave Plaza Butler to Hammond / N. 21st to N. 28th
  • May 11 Northern Lights School Hammond to Hill / N. 21st to N. 28th
  • May 12 Benna Ford Area / Homecroft Court / South Superior Butler to Hill/N 28 to N 42nd / 46th to City Limits / Tower to Bardon
  • May 13 South Superior N. 46th to city limits / Tower to Bardon
  • May 14 South Superior N. 46th to city limits / Butler Park to Tower

Week 3:

  • May 17 Billings Park St. Louis River to Butler / Belknap to N 21st
  • May 18 Billings Park St. Louis River to Butler / N. 21st to N 42nd
  • May 19 Billings Park St. Louis River to New York / N. 21st to Badger Dr.
  • May 20 Central Park Belknap Ext to 14th Ave / N. 21st to N. 42nd
  • May 21 East End N. 21st & 14th Ave E. to 18th Ave E ./ Hill to Bay

Week 4:

  • May 24 East End 18th Ave to 24th Ave (Stinson) / Hill to Bay
  • May 25 East End 24th to 31st Ave / E 11th to Bay
  • May 26 Allouez 36th Ave to 39th -west side of 42nd / Woodlawn to Bay
  • May 27 Allouez 40th Ave to 44th / Woodlawn to Bay
  • May 28 Itasca 46th Ave to city limits

This schedule is not for brush clean up. All eligible items must be placed for pickup by 7:00 AM on the day your area is scheduled. Items should not be placed more than a week before your pickup date. The city asks you keep your clean up pile neat and orderly.

As always, there are items not eligible for pickup. That includes mattresses, box springs, construction/demolition material, cardboard or recyclables, hazardous liquids, asbestos items, tires, TVs, appliances, computers, fluorescent bulbs, motor oil, or car batteries.

If you have any questions you can call the public works department at 715-394-0244.

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