Things between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are getting even shadier and this time his soon-to-be wife is throwing herself into the ring. I love it.

We all know by now that Aaron Rodgers is not happy with his team. It all began began in April. Well, it all publicly began back in April when a report broke that he was "disgruntled" with the Green Bay Packers. At the time, the rumor mill speculated that he didn't want to return to the team.

As time went on, this turned out to be true based on his actions. In late May, he skipped team workouts and instead went on a Hawaiian vacation with his fiancée and two of their famous friends. He was spotted dancing at a local bar and singing Taylor Swift with his friends unbothered.

Things got even more intense in June when he skipped mandatory mini camp. The latest development dropped just a few days ago when it was reported Aaron Rodgers declined a deal that would have made him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL and in the league. He declined the offer, according to a report.

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So what's the deal? It should be noted that Aaron himself has not really spoken publicly about this. He addressed the situation in a roundabout way during an interview in late May. He didn't go into too many details and seemed to address the situation in a vague way.

At the time, he hinted at his frustration, saying that sometimes "people get forgotten" and that people should try to do things "the right way" in life. Hmmm.

While there have been many rumors flying over the past few months, it looks like Aaron's soon-to-be wife is confirming them all and with one simple tweet. She rarely uses social media so you know she means business.

The actress retweeted a video clip, two minutes long, from Tuesday (July 20th). The clip was posted by Stephen A. Smith's account. He is a commentator on ESPN and in the clip, he goes on a mini rant about how people need to open their eyes and see that Aaron Rodgers hasn't been treated well by his team.

He captioned the clip by saying he doesn't get why "all these folks out here continue to act like they don't get what Aaron Rodgers is trying to say" regarding his feud with the team. According to the ESPN commentator, the issue is "simple" to figure out.

Well, that says a lot without actually saying anything directly. Aaron himself hasn't tweeted the video or even liked it. Shailene Woodley, on the other hand, retweeted the whole thing from her personal account, and because she has one million followers, it quickly gained traction online.

Obviously, she is sticking up for her man and trying to make a statement. She would not have shared that video clip if it weren't exactly how Aaron was feeling. He would never have wanted her to share it if it wasn't exactly how he was feeling. The video says it all without Aaron having to say a thing.

The two seem to have a sweet bond, having secretly dated and got engaged before anyone even found out! Nobody would have found out if Aaron didn't announce it on live television earlier this year. At the time he was accepting an award, he stated that he had found his forever but didn't call her out by name.

It was just a matter of time before they started flaunting their sweet love all over the internet and jet-setting around the world. They have been open about their relationship since the news of it broke to the masses and I can't lie - they are really sweet!

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