Aaron Rodgers is thriving, at least according to what we are seeing on the internet!

If you follow pop culture or the sports world, you know that the football star is currently vacationing in Hawaii. In fact, he is having fun on vacation with his new wife-to-be Shailene Woodley instead of being at team workouts for the Green Bay Packers.

He doesn't appear to be phased by it, either. One of the pals he is vacationing with posted a funny video on her Instagram page early in the morning Wednesday (May 26). In the video, she and Rodgers are seen singing along to a Taylor Swift tune.

Rodgers is seen rocking a white tee with a new hairdo. The hairdo is a bun with his hair half up. I don't think he will be quitting football to become a musician anytime soon but it's still fun to watch the video.

In the background, you can hear Rodger's future wife giggling. She is also tagged in the video. The new couple were also caught on video by a lucky Hawaii resident who captured them singing karaoke and dancing on a night out while on vacation.

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It seems Rodgers is enjoying life despite some tension with the Green Bay Packers. As mentioned, he skipped some team workouts to go on vacation. On top of that, a report surfaced back in April that he was not happy with the team and wanted out.

Despite the professional turmoil, he still is happy as can be. He shocked the world earlier this year when he announced he was engaged to actress Shailene Woodley after quietly dating in secret until that point.

Since they announced their engagement, they have been on a tour of love. They have posted several videos of the two of them together, being cute and posing for pictures in different parts of the world.

Where will their adventures take them next? Hopefully, the answer to that is Green Bay.

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