These two are perfect together! Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are in love and letting the world know it by being really cute in a new interview - their first together.

The two were interviewed for the Walt Disney World Minute while vacationing in Orlando this month. The interview was released this week and it gives us a nice look into the relationship between the actress and the football star.

During the two-and-a-half minute clip, the two talk about their love for Disney and being big Star Wars fans. In fact, Aaron is seen rocking a Star Wars t-shirt in the clip! They also talk about their vacation, how they will be eating snacks, touring Epcot and going to all the Star Wars-themed attractions.

When asked what one thing is that always makes them smile, the two point at each other at the same time in what may be the cutest moment of all time. Shailene then responds by telling Aaron he is "so cute."

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They round out the interview talking about how they unwind, with their answers ranging from drinking wine and taking a bath to watching Jeopardy! This is no surprise, since Aaron has been filling in as host temporarily.

Other cute moments? Shailene tells Aaron she is proud of how good he is at making their bed every morning while rubbing his leg. He tells her that it makes him proud how good she is at brushing her teeth. This is strange but still really cute. They also listen to Aladdin and Lion King soundtracks in their free time.

You can watch the video in full below:

These two really are the cutest and I like that they are coming out of their bubble! They were secretly dating for awhile before anyone knew and even got engaged under the radar. Nobody knew about the engagement until the Green Bay Packer announced it on live television earlier this year. Still, at the time, he didn't confirm who he was engaged to.

Lately, the two have been very open with their love, hopping on Instagram live to celebrate Aaron's Jeopardy! hosting kickoff. Earlier this month, we saw the first photo of the two together at a restaurant in Arkansas. There is no doubt about it - these two are in love! Maybe we will see them in Wisconsin soon.

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