These two are so cute it is almost nauseating! Shailene Woodley is opening up about her relationship with Aaron Rodgers.

The actress is on the cover of Shape Magazine for July and August and in her interview, she is spilling a lot of tea about her famous relationship, including details we never knew about before.

First of all, in the interview, she says that the two moved in together right away because they met during the pandemic and couldn't fly to see each other like normal Hollywood couples do. She says they got to know each other "very quickly" and got the "sticky bits" of the relationship out of the way quickly as well.

She doesn't stop there. She also goes on to say the two dove in "headfirst" into the relationship, again citing the pandemic as the reason for the two moving so fast.

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She also lends insight into just when they met. This is significant because nobody knew they were dating until well into their relationship. In fact, news of their relationship broke right before Rogers announced he was engaged while accepting the NFL MVP Award on television in February of this year. That means they were together for quite awhile before anyone even knew, which is impressive in Hollywood.

In her interview, Woodley says she was alone for the first three months of the pandemic, which has caused internet sleuths to speculate they met and got together around June or July of 2020.

I am living for all this tea. She also capped off the interview by saying that she would have met her soon-to-be-husband in any world because she feels they were meant to be.

While fans of the Green Bay Packers may not be too happy with the quarterback right now, you can't deny these two are the absolute cutest. I love that they are so open about their relationship and how much they love each other. Sigh.

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