There is a new non-profit organization that has opened in Duluth. Puppa's Pals are a group of volunteers working to provide temporary foster placement for pets whose people are facing some sort of crisis.

The newest non-profit in town has a pretty great slogan:

We'll keep them safe, so you can rest and rebuild

Puppa's Pals shared on their Facebook page that they coordinate finding temporary pet foster placement for people who are in crisis situations. The crisis situations could be people who are headed to jail, entering treatment, losing their housing, entering the hospital, going into a woman’s shelter, and any other crisis situation.

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Here is what the new non-profit is looking for:

  • They are looking for fosters. If you're interested in helping with temporary placement, you can message them on their Facebook page or email them at
  • They are looking for donations; both monetary and items for silent auctions and raffles. If you want to help that way, again you can send a message to Puppa's Pals on Facebook, or email them at
  • If you can’t foster or donate, but still want to be involved in some other way, they could use all sorts of volunteers.

Puppa's Pals will also provide food, medical care, supplies, support, and training to help acclimate the pet to your home if you do decide to help out with temporary placement. They also stated they primarily need fosters for dogs, cats, and pocket pets right now. In the future, they may need help with large/farm animals, but not currently.

I think this is such a good idea and I wish Puppa's Pals the best of luck!

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