Saying it was cold Tuesday morning is an understatement. It was absolutely freezing!

In fact, my car said it was 3 degrees on my drive into work. I do get to work earlier than the average person but nonetheless, that is pretty brutal.

It turns out, Duluth wasn't the only spot that was dealing with the cold crisis. Many areas across the Northland saw temperatures well below zero Monday night into Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service of Duluth posted an info graphic showing the coldest spots around the area within a twelve hour period. Take a look below:

I guess I shouldn't complain after seeing Cotton! They seemed to have the coldest morning with a low of ten below. Keep in mind - this isn't wind chill values. This is an actual temperature. Wow.

I hate to say it, but it looks like the Old Farmer's Almanac wasn't on the ball this month! They predicted sunshine and mild conditions for this part of the month and so far, we have seen anything but. Sigh.

I guess it's time to accept that fact that winter is here early.

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