We knew this would happen but that doesn't mean we have to be excited about it! Right?

The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a very snowy November this year. While winter doesn't technically start until the end of December, this isn't a huge shocker for us here in the Northland.

If you are wondering what exactly the Old Farmer's Almanac is, I will fill you in quick. It's basically a long-term weather forecast by region. Our region includes most of Minnesota and Wisconsin, parts of North and South Dakota and Michigan.

From November 1st through the 3rd, expect cold temperatures and snow showers throughout the region.

Starting the 4th until the 11th of November, we will see sunshine and mild conditions.

Beginning November 12th through the 26th, snow will return. We will then see the return of sunshine and mild temperatures once again.

That will all change for the last part of the month. The 27th will mark the return of snow, with flurries and brisk conditions.

If you need some good news right about now, here it is: temperatures will be above average by about four degrees. The average for the month is 33 degrees.

We will also see average precipitation around 2 inches.

Don't fret though - the Old Farmer's Almanac and their predictions should be taken with a grain of salt. (For example, they said we'd get our first significant snowfall at the end of October. So far, this hasn't happened.)

Another reason not to worry: the National Weather Service says a warmer and drier winter is in store for us this year so maybe this is as bad as things will get.

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